Coco Duran

With her 8 inch long nose and extensive, limber ears that flop about helping to scoop up the scent of her prey, Coco was focused on her occupation. She riveted her nose back to the ground so no rabbit would go unfound. Although the symphony of smells on this rousing beach often distracted her, Coco’s nose knows. And there it was. The marvelous smell of rabbit suddenly hit her. She stopped. Her nose thrust up briefly. Her right paw elevated off the ground as if she was pointing in the direction of the bunny. 


          As a youngster, Ariot and her litter mate Boo were used as “fence testers.” When railings needed to be mended, the good architects of the farm would fix what they could see was broken. THEN! Ariot and Boo would be let loose inside the secured area. As master escape artists, Ariot and Boo could find any size hole or weak link and slither through or hop over it. 

Cooper McCulloh

But nothing is as exciting for Cooper as going for a ride in the car and thrusting his nose into the cool, forceful air. Nothing except when the destination is a park…a walk…a hike! With his humans! 

Purr-sia Larson

Bemused by this odd event, both Paul and Evon began asking Purr-sia what she’d done. She was happy to tell them all about it: “Meeeow. Meeeo, eeow, mew, meeeoooww. MEOw,” all the time caressing their legs, eager for them to engage in her tale.

Annie Smith

Annie’s eyes grew happy and wide. Somehow, somewhere during her short life, Annie had learned that the word “treat” and what came next. Rykken reached into her purse and withdrew a soft, juicy puppy bit. Annie inhaled the treat and – because she has above average intelligence – stuck her nose deep into Rykken’s purse.